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I don’t make any money with the blog nor am I in any way affiliated with the persons featured here. All the opinions and posts are my own. The photos are probably not mine and the photo credits will be posted at the end of the post whenever possible.


7 thoughts on “Contact information and Disclaimer”

  1. daniel pecaut said:

    my name is daniel pecaut my grandmother family areganated from spain her maiden name carrion its said that it goes bake to EL CID of spain and most of my grandmothers family live in porto rico and i was wandering if u could tell me about my haratige and if we have a family crest,dont know if to be true but i was told i had a cousin who was married to a princess and was devorce may be the first one of spain.MY grandmother name was Amelia Carrion she had five siblings,was wandering if u could tell me anthing about my haratige or show me a family crest thank u

    • I’m sorry but I can’t help you. There are other places on the web focused on heraldry and genealogy, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough to be useful. If you know what town or region your grandmother originates from that could only help.

  2. I think the presentation of Royal family is respectfull of their public image. As a historical researcher I look at more comparative, chronological, and empirical accounts of Monarchy with sociology via mass media. Nevertheless, I like your site; think the work well done.

  3. Nadia E. L. said:

    Please do pay attention for some pictures do not match their footnotes.

  4. Alex Balaclava said:

    I think it’s insulting to read that ‘Manos Limpias’ is a fascist organisation as you deem it. You’d rather say it’s (supposedly) biased towards the right wing or something similar. Anyway they bravely express the will of many people in Spain who want to make clear that Justice is equal for everyone. Now that the Infanta Cristina has been indicted things might change irreversibly…

    • If you find something insulting in my blog, don’t read it. It’s a joke to say that Manos Limpias does anything “bravely” or that they represent many people in Spain.

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