1. He is named after Felipe V, the first Spanish King of the Bourbon Dynasty. Felipe VI will be the 11th Borbón King.
  2. At 44, he will be the oldest King of Spain to ascend the throne. For now, that record belongs to his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Carlos III (Madrid, 1716-Madrid, 1788) who was 43 at the time of his ascension.
  3. He is the only European heir whose four grandparents were born Royal Highnesses and surely he will be the last. (Note)
  4. He participated in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona with the Spanish sailing team. Prince Felipe finished sixth in his class and obtained an Olympic Diploma.
  5. He was 15 at the time of his first foreign official trip to Colombia.
  6. Through his maternal grandmother Frederika of Hanover, Queen of Greece, Prince Felipe is closely related to the infamous Prince Ernst August of Hanover, husband of Caroline of Monaco. One of his godsons is Ernst’s eldest son. 
  7. Besides regular school classes he had a private tutor at La Zarzuela (Doña Carmen Iglesias, member of the Royal Academy of History) who taught the young prince History of Spain and of his Dynasty.
  8. When he graduated as a pilot in the Air Force academy he had the crown of his head shorn in the shape of a “T”, as all Spanish Air Force cadets traditionally do when awarded their wings. 
  9. On their engagement interviewhis fiancée said of him that he was an exceptional human being, respectful and a great reader.
  10. He has a Law Degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master of Science in Foreign Service Degree from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University.
Note- Prince Felipe is the only European heir whose four grandparents were Royal Highnesses at birth from the reigning royal families. The four grandparents of his first cousin Pavlos (Crown Prince of Greece), Crown Princess Margarita of Romania, his cousin the Duke of Noto (heir of one of the claimants to the Headship of the Royal House of the Two-Sicilies), the heirs of the Count of Paris (one of the pretenders to the French throne)… were also born Royal Highnesses.