1.  What is Urdangarín’s legal status?

Iñaki Urdangarín has been indicted by the Judge in charge of the case. That means they’ve found enough evidence to start the legal process against him. However, the Duke of Palma hasn’t been charged.

2.  What are the accusations against him?

The bill of indictment mentions four possible crimes:

  • Misappropriation of public funds
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fraud
  • Falsification of official documents

3.  Will there be a trial against him?

Only if he is charged after this first phase of investigation of the alleged crimes  is concluded.

4.  Will Urdangarín be formally charged?

It is not known yet. The judge will finish hearing the declarations of witnesses and the indicted persons and with the district attorney’s office will study all the evidence before anyone is charged and a trial is prepared. Even if he is found guilty, some crimes may have expired and he could not be accused for them.

5.  What is Urdangarín’s stance on this?

He maintains his innocence.

6.  What is the Urdangarín Liebaert family’s stance on this?

An e-mail they sent to their close friends and family was leaked to the press yesterday. They thank them for their support and are sure their son and brother is a good and righteous person.

7.  What is the Royal Family’s stance on this?

From the beginning of the investigations they’ve maintained their trust on the judicial system and have avoided commenting as this is Urdangarín’s private business. However, they have sidelined the Duke of Palma from official engagements and the Head of the Royal Household called his behaviour “non-exemplary”

8. Have the King and the Prince of Asturias met with Urdangarín after the scandal broke?

No. Contrary to some reports, as of February 22, the King or the Prince had not met with Urdangarín. On a previous trip to Spain the Duke had a meeting with the Head of the Household but not with His Majesty or His Royal Highness.

9.  What is Infanta Cristina’s involvement in the corruption case?

The Infanta Cristina was a member of the board of the Noos Institute for a while. Nevertheless, the evidence has never shown she had any kind of executive role in the Institute and the judge did not see any reason to indict her. Executives of Noos have declared that she didn’t attend board meetings, gave orders or even go to the headquarters.

10.  Who takes part in the accusation?

The District Attorney’s Office. The fascist trade union “Manos Limpias” has presented itself as particular accusation to try to get the Infanta Cristina indicted.

11.  Have “Manos Limpias” been successful in their goal?

No. After “Manos Limpias” asked the judge for her indictment, the district attorney’s office rejected the idea.

12.  When will Urdangarín testify before the judge in charge of the case? 

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 of February at the Court of Palma de Mallorca.

13.  Where are Iñaki Urdangarín and the Infanta Cristina now?

He travelled to Madrid from the USA, where he lives and works, on Tuesday morning. The Infanta flew in on Wednesday morning. Today they’ll travel to Mallorca where it is expected they’ll stay at their residence inside Marivent.

14.  Will the Infanta Cristina go to the courthouse tomorrow?

No, the Infanta will not accompany the Duke tomorrow.

15. Will Urdangarín speak to the press tomorrow? (UPDATE)

He has planned to speak to the press at the Courthouse entrance for a short while before entering. Once he is testifying, his lawyers will publish a press release.

UPDATE: Urdangarín will arrive at the court by car due to security concerns.

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Iñaki Urdangarín, husband of Infanta Cristina, under investigation over alleged corruption case