1920 portrait of Queen Ena of Spain by the Hungarian painter Philip de László.

American Pond’s Cold Cream 1926 adverstisement:

Victoria Eugenia’s cousin Queen Marie of Romania was one of the other two European Queens featured in Pond’s advertisements. Queen Victoria Eugenia gave permission to use this portrait and the proceeds went to the Spanish Red Cross, of which the Queen was reforming patron.

Emerge of Advertising in America: 1850-1920:

JWT launched a bold strategy to give the creams prestige: a testimonial campaign which included the endorsements of “three of the reigning queens of Europe, six princesses, titled ladies, and leaders of American society,” beginning in 1924. The campaign was carefully planned, and the ads were placed in a selection of the largest circulation women’s magazines, in a half dozen fiction and motion picture magazines, and in only one “class” publication, Vogue. Sales of the creams jumped again, and they maintained their leading positions in a crowded marketplace of similar products.