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The read, listen or watch the message and download the text as pdf file –> casareal.es

Before the speech, the Spanish National Television broadcasts every year an overview of the Royal Family that year. Watch the 2011 video here.

The anticipation was high and Don Juan Carlos did not disappoint. Today the television news bulletins opened their broadcasts with His Majesty’s speech and the newspapers opinion columns praise the Royal Household and the King. When asked for his opinion, the secretary of the Socialist Political Party, Marcelino Iglesias, said: “Once again, the King knows how to rise above the circumstances”

This year, the picture on the table next to King Juan Carlos showed His Majesty with the former president of the government, Don José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the recently elected Don Mariano Rajoy Brey. The photo, which has been in a prominent position next to the King since 2002 and a staple in the Christmas message since the 1990’s, usually represents a significant event for Spain or the Royal Family.

His Majesty starts by wishing us peace and happiness and in the thirteen minute speech he talks of the financial crisis and the unemployment affecting Spain, Spain’s European inclination, his role as Head of State uniting Spaniards and wills and the long and difficult walk towards recovery. In the middle of the speech, Don Juan Carlos makes some comments of “irregular behaviours” and how “any untoward action must be judged and punished according to the law.” These comments have been understood as a veiled mention to Iñaki Urdangarín’s “non exemplary behaviour” The King continues with ETA and demands they give up their weapons, remembers the terrorism victims and the general elections that took place in November and after thanking the Spaniards for worrying about his recovered health and before his farewell good wishes, His Majesty praises his son and heir, the Prince of Asturias.

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