On Monday morning, the Head of the Royal Household confirmed that Iñaki Urdangarín will not be taking part in the official events of the Royal Family after being revealed he is closely linked to a corruption investigation. However, this will hardly affect the Royal Family as the Duke of Palma de Mallorca attended few events and always accompanying his wife the Infanta Doña Cristina.

Don Rafael Spottorno Díaz-Caro, Head of the Household, also revealed that the Royal Household will disclose their budget on their web site before the year ends.  Although legally they are not required to publish how the King distributes this allocation, intended to fund the staff and functioning costs directly payable by H.M. The King’s Household, as well the maintenance of the Royal Family, The King’s Household does have a Comptroller, a career staff member belonging to the Corps of Comptrollers and Auditors of the State Administration.