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As everyone who follows the Spanish Royals know, the Infanta Cristina’s husband, the Duke of Palma de Mallorca, is involved in a corruption scandal. Although he hasn’t been charged and the details are formally still secret, new incriminating information is published daily, even involving Doña Cristina in some of the companies used for questionable business deals with public funds.

The Royal Household declared that this was the Duke’s private matter, and always respectful of the Judicial System, they would stay out of this.  Nevertheless, yesterday, Hola magazine published exclusive pictures of the Queen visiting the Duchess and Duke of Palma in DC, and the cover photo was a smiling Queen, Duke and a sombre Infanta.

It is probably the first time a society magazine has received so much attention from the serious press: from general newspapers to lunch and evening TV news to gossip magazines, everybody showed the smiling Queen and Duke, and the reactions on Twitter, Facebook, TV and radio shows… haven’t been positive. “Look how happy they are after stealing our money!” is one of the nicest things the average Spaniard was saying, a picture of a happy Queen with the “guilty” members of the Royal Family was all some needed to attack the Monarchy.

From El País in English:

 Last week, Queen Sofía traveled to Washington and allowed a photographer from the popular weekly magazine ¡Hola! to take some snaps of her, Urdangarin and Cristina emerging from their home in the US capital.

The report, along with the photographs, which appeared in this week’s issue, were approved by the queen, the magazine said.

Many interpret it as a sign of support for her son-in-law because during past visits the royal family’s security detail has prevented journalists from photographing the queen and her family, because the Washington visits were private.

The queen was in New York to attend the annual banquet held at the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute. She then went to Washington on November 30 to stay with her daughter, son-in-law, and her four grandchildren. On past visits the queen has stayed at a hotel. Seen with the royal family going to restaurants and enjoying other activities was Alexia of Greece, the daughter of Sofía’s brother Constantine.

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Photo: Hola