The Prince and Princess during the dinner at the Presidential Palace

After the events of the morning, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia visited the headquarters of the Congress in Santiago (the current Parliament meets in Valparaiso). Their Royal Highnesses, after being received by a Honor Guard, met with the President of the Senate, Guido Guirardi, members of the Senate’s Committee of Foreign Affairs and senators from the Group of Friends of Chile-Spain.

Visit to the Congress

After the meeting with the Senators Don Felipe, Doña Letizia and the official delegation had a meeting with the President of the House of Deputies, Patricio Melero with MPs of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and the Group of Friends Chile-Spain.

Visit to the Congress

At the end of the visit, Melero explained that the conversation with the Prince had focused on “the importance Spain gives to its relations with Chile” and “the need to strengthen trade, political and cultural ties between the two countries.”


Melero, in name of the Congress, gave the Prince and Princess the following presents, a couple of silver spurs, a lapis lazuli necklace and a dedicated book commemorating the bicentenary of the Parliament.

After the meetings they visited the building and left after another guard of honor around six o’clock in the evening.

With the Presidential Couple before the start of the dinner

Official dinner

Official Dinner

The day ended with an official dinner scheduled for 20:15 at the Presidential Palace, La Moneda, with President Piñera and his wife Cecilia Morel.

Prince Felipe speaks at the official dinner

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