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1947-Wedding of the Duchess of Montoro and Don Luis Martínez de Irujo y Artazcoz

1978-Wedding of the Duchess of Alba and Don Jesús Aguirre y Ortiz de Zárate

2011-Wedding of the Duchess of Alba and Don Alfonso Díez Carabantes

Today, at 13.00 P.M., the Duchess of Alba gets married for the third time. Her relationship with the groom, Don Alfonso Díez, has been subjected to intense scrutiny; after all, she’s Spain’s best well known Grandee, a constant in the social press, a hippie Duchess, owner of vast estates, palaces and collections of art and the groom a regular civil servant, over 20 years her junior. It should be noted, whatever the international media says, that this is not a royal wedding as none of the participants are royalty; the Duchess is a noblewoman of the most aristocratic lineage (including a bastard of James II of England as her direct ascendant), but she’s not, as many people seem to think, royal.

I’ll update the post later, with pictures and more information. For now, we have doña Cayetana’s telephone interview published on the ABC newspaper today. It took place yesterday and we learned that there are 35 guests expected at the Chapel of the Palace of Dueñas, where three priests will officiate the wedding. Her third son, the Count of Siruela, is travelling with his wife and won’t be present(understandable, days ago the Duchess unexpectadly called the Countess of Siruela <<mean, a liar and covetous>> although later Doña Cayetana backed down). Her only daughter, who was already at the Palace in Seville, has the chicken pox and is at the hospital in Madrid; the rest of her children, their spouses and former spouses are expected.

For the Duchess of Alba, getting the consent of the King was paramount(although not required by law since 1931) so last week the bride and the groom arrived at the Palace of La Zarzuela for a private audience with His Majesty, who granted his approval and hugged Don Alfonso, a very touching memory for the bride.

Sketch of the godmother's dress

Sketch of the wedding dress

The Duchess is wearing two diamond bracelets, one was a present from her godmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, and the other from her first husband, Don Luis Martínez de Irujo. The earrings are also diamond ones.

Video of the groom leaving the hotel earlier:

The Duchess with her eldest son, the Duke of Huéscar, before the wedding ceremony

The Duchess and the new Duke of Alba greet the public after their wedding

Video of the Duchess dancing after the wedding:


Photos: EFE/César Lucas/Marisa Flórez/El País/Victorio y Lucchino/Hola