The Prince and Princess of Asturias visit the affected area in Lorca after the funeral for the mortal victims

In May, an earthquake killed nine persons and destroyed the old part of the city of Lorca in Murcia, in the South Eastern coast of Spain. TRH the Prince and Princess of Asturias visited the affected areas, a refugee camp and attended the funeral for the deceased. The Infanta Elena also visited the city in July as an employee of the Mapfre Foundation, when she donated, in name of the Foundation, 250,000 Euros for the affected persons.

In June, HM the King received the State Prize of the Russian Federation, the highest official Russian honour, for his humanitarian work in 2010. The Royal Household announced at the moment that the money of the Award would be donated to Lorca, to help repair the historical heritage destroyed in the earthquakes. Now the City Council has publicly thanked the Monarch, who will make the donation effective in the next days.