The late Queen, 26 years after her body returned to Spain, will be moved to the Pantheon of the Kings in the Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.  All the Spanish Kings and the only regnant Queen since Emperor Charles V, with the exception of Philip V and Ferdinand VI, rest in the Pantheon of the Kings. The Queen consorts who were mother of Kings are also buried in the Pantheon.

Pantheon of the Kings

Before being moved to the Pantheon of the Kings, the Royal remains must stay at least 25 years in the Pudridero or decaying chamber, where Queen Victoria Eugenia has spent the last 26 years. The Augustine monks in charge of the Monastery and the Royal Vaults and the Royal Household have already planned the move that will place the Queen, the grandmother of King Juan Carlos, under her mother in law, Queen María Cristina.

Detail of the Pantheon, side of the consorts. The last empty tomb below Queen María Cristina will be Queen Victoria Eugenia's