Today, September 15th is the Princess of Asturias 39th birthday and here is a quick look at the Princess through the years, from her childhood in Asturias to her journalism days to her daughters:

Letizia as a toddler

In the Asturian Regional costume in Oviedo(Asturias)

A nine years old Letizia during her first communion

A photo from her school yearbook

1984- At the radio station where her father worked

1993- During her University years

1997- Working at Bloomberg

As a young woman working on TV

2003-Reporting from Irak

Two months before her marriage, visiting the injured after the Madrid bombings

2004-Wedding of the Crown Prince of Denmark a week before her own

After honeymooning in Spain they went to Jordan

2005-Her first speech as Princess of Asturias

Leaving the Hospital where Sofía was born in 2007

2007- Summer holidays in Mallorca

Leonor's first day of "grown up" school

The Princess during a state visit

With her daughters

2011- One of her last public appearances, for a gala dinner