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Since 1973, the Spanish Royal Family has holidayed in the Palace of Marivent in Mallorca. During the summer in Palma they’ve received  American presidents like Jimmy Carter, George Bush senior or Bill and Hillary Clinton, royals like the Emperor and Empress of Japan, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and politicians like Gorvachev or Chávez.

The Royal Family with the Prince and Princess of Wales and their sons

King Juan Carlos with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Their Majesties with TIM the Emperor and Empress of Japan

Today’s vintage royals photos are not of good quality, all of them are captions from this short video with footage of  the visits. Click HERE to watch the video.

The visits in the order shown:

1985- King Hussein of Jordan.

1992-Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the USSR.

1993-George Bush, former president of the US.

1997-Bill Clinton, president of the US.

2008-Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela.

1988-Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

1987-The Prince and Princess of Wales.

1994- The Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Photos: Captions from TVE video