The Duchess of Alba with her second husband

The Duchess of Alba is 85 years old, fabolously wealthy and a staple of Spain’s social life.  Thus, it wasn’t surprising when the rumours of her third wedding with a civil servant 25 years her junior began.  The problem is they’ve become so widespread it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. That’s the mission of this post, to only state facts.

What do we know of the Duchess of Alba’s third wedding?

  1. The bride is Doña Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, XVIIIth Duchess of Alba de Tormes and the groom is Don Alfonso Díez Carabantes, civil servant.
  2. The bride was born in 1926 and the groom in 1950.
  3. This will be her third wedding and his first time getting married.
  4. The wedding will take place at the beginning of October in Seville.
  5. The only guests will be the Duchess’ children, their spouses and former spouses and her surgeon, Dr. Trujillo.
  6. The godmother will be Doña Carmen Tello at the request of the groom, the godfather Cayetana’s eldest son Carlos, the Duke of Huéscar.
  7. There will be no other friends at the wedding.
  8. Unlike her two previous weddings, nobody from the Royal Family will attend.
  9. The couple has been in a relationship for four years.
  10. The bride’s dress will be designed by Sevillian couple Victorio&Lucchino.
  11. The Duchess has NOT given up her fortune to marry, she has simply donated most of her personal properties between her children and grandchildren, who will not receive anything until her death.
  12. Until that moment, some of her children had publicly announced they were against the wedding and wouldn’t attend. After, the Count of Salvatierra announced they would attend, “reluctantly”.
  13. There will be no press but the House of Alba will release photos of the ceremony.
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