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Princess Gracia in La Zarzuela

As I wrote the other day, most of us wrongly assumed that the Prince and Princess of Asturias would attend the wedding of Prince Albert II. We didn’t take into account that the groom is not the heir, is the head of State and reigning Prince, besides being the son of Prince Rainier, a close friend of the King, and of Princess Grace, a close friend of both Queen Victoria Eugenia and Queen Sofía. It’s understandable then, that King Juan Carlos himself meant to attend, and the Prince and Princess made their own plans for the weekend(in this case, a regatta honoring Felipe’s old navy instructor, one of his mentors, married to a member of the Patronage of the Prince of Asturias Foundation).

A year later, as the wedding date approaches, King Juan Carlos needs knee surgery, and while his recovery is from all accounts excellent, his doctors don’t know if he’ll be able to attend the wedding mass. They are waiting until the last moment, although it doesn’t look very likely that His Majesty will feel up to it now. There is also the added complication of Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the USA, visiting Madrid on July 1st and 2nd.

When I wrote this explanation yesterday it was just another theory, but finally, La Zarzuela has come out with the whole story, explaining the situation as it’s happening, instead of leaving us all to speculate.

Spanish article with the new information.


The Spanish press has announced that Don Juan Carlos is unable to attend the wedding, as his recovery is not quick enough to endure the trip to Monaco. His Majesty personally called Prince Albert, who understands the reason for the absence.

Don Juan Carlos will probably have a meeting with Secretary of State of the USA, Hillary Clinton, next Saturday in La Zarzuela.


Now Monaco “confirms” that His Majesty was attending the wedding and has pulled out at the last moment because of his knee problems. They have released a document with the ” Biographical Information of Heads of State Present at the Religious Wedding Ceremony” and don Juan Carlos appears.