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I’ll be doing a quick review of  the engagements every member of the Royal Household undertakes each month. We start with May 2011, a bit slower than usual due to two weeks of electoral campaign.

HM the King and HRH the Princess of Asturias, Armed Forces Day 2011

  • HM the King:

Don Juan Carlos took part in 31 public engagements, including a two days long State Visit to Switzerland and the Armed Forces Day in Málaga. He received several persons and organizations in audiences, including the Nobel winner Mario Vargas LLosa, the politician Durán i LLeida,  the Minister of Justice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the president of the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation and different charities and foundations. His Majesty also had audiences of an economic and business nature, for example with the board of the bank  ” financiero y de ahorros S.A.” ,  the board of Obrascón Huarte Lain, Plc.,  and the respective presidents of  the General Dynamics Corporation and Abertis Infraestructuras, Plc. At the end of the month HM the King chaired the Ordinary Meeting of the National Defence Council. HRH the Prince of Asturias was also present at the meeting.

For a list and explanation of all his engagements in Spanish, click here: http://www.casareal.es/sm_rey/Actividades-ides-idweb.htm

HM the Queen in Segovia, May 2011

  • HM the Queen
During the month of May Doña Sofía undertook 18 public engagements, including the two days long State Visit to the Swiss Confederation with HM the King and the Armed Forces Day in Málaga. Her Majesty dedicated several audiences to agreements of collaboration between her foundation, the Queen Sofía Foundation and several organizations to fight Alzheimer disease. She also opened the Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in La Rioja, conceded an audience to the mayor of Vitoria, delivered the Mapfre Foundation Awards(Infanta Elena works for this Foundation and was present at the ceremony) and attended a concert organised by children in Segovia under the Spain-Russia Dual Year.
For the complete list and explanation of Doña Sofía’s events in Spanish clik here:  http://www.casareal.es/sm_reina/Actividades-ides-idweb.html

HRH the Prince of Asturias in Pamplona, May 2011

  • HRH the Prince of Asturias
Don Felipe participated in 29 public engagements, several of military nature, like the Ordinary Meeting of the National Defence Council, his visit to the Basic Air Academy of La Virgen del Camino in León, the visit to the Matacán Schools in the Air Base of Salamanca or to the Special War Navy Force and the Centre of Operations and Surveillance of maritime action in Cartagena.  The Prince had two fun and sporty events, the closing ceremony of the Barcelona World Race and the final match of the UEFA Champions League in London, where the Spanish team, the Barcelona FC won. He was also present, alongside the Princess of Asturias, at the Beatification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and with his parents and wife at the Armed Forces Day in Málaga.  His most sombre event took place in Lorca, Murcia, where the Prince and Princess attended the funeral  for the victims of the Lorca earthquake and visited the affected area.
For the complete list and explanation of Prince Felipe’s events in Spanish, click here: http://www.casareal.es/sar_principe/Actividades-ides-idweb.html

TRH the Princess of Asturias and the Gran Duchess of Luxembourg, Vatican, May 2011

  • HRH the Princess of Asturias
In May doña Letizia took part in 18 public engagements, many of them focused on one of her area of interest, rare diseases and the fight against Cancer. The Princess is honorary president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer and this month had two working meetings at the Association Headquarters. Princess Letizia and her husband had  a meeting and lunch with the Patrons of the Prince of Girona Foundation and went to Navarra to chair the annual tribute to the Kings of the olden Kingdom of Navarra.  As a main member of the Royal Family she was present at the Armed Forces Day in Málaga and travelled with her husband to the Vatican to attend the Beatification of Pope John Paul II with members from different royal house like TM the King and Queen of the Belgians, TRH the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg or TSH the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein.
For the complete list and explanation of Doña Letizia’s activities in Spanish click: http://www.casareal.es/sar_princesa/Actividades-ides-idweb.html

HRH the Infanta Elena, May 2011

  • HRH the Infanta Elena
Doña Elena undertook four official engagements in May. She was also present, in a personal capacity, at the Mapfre Foundation Awards that her mother the Queen delivered. Their Majesties eldest daughter opened the Madrid Book Fair(where her sister was present in an informal outing) and a Photo Fair, chair the pledge of alliance to the flag in the Royal Guards Barracks and delivered prizes in a children painting competition.
For a list and explanation of all her engagements in Spanish, click here: http://www.casareal.es/sar_elena/Actividades-ides-idweb.html